Email Marketing

Email Marketing Services in Maryland

Email marketing is an easy way to access your client base and potential customers.  With today’s 24-hour access to mobile devices, you can quickly connect with your customers.  Digital Marketing Divas are online marketing specialists and cultivate a client database to help you reach your desired clients.

Email Advertising Campaigns

A successful email marketing campaign has compelling content and entices the reader to click through to your website.  Your emails should be informative and engage the reader.  By utilizing tools such as MailChimp or Constant Contact, we can distribute emails when users are most likely to be online.  These programs offer statistical information such as opens, forwards, percentage of opens, call-to-action clicks and so much more.  The information we gather is a tool for developing marketing initiatives to increase your ROI.

Customized Email Marketing Campaigns

Every business is unique as are your customers.  Digital Marketing Divas understands your diverse target market and will tailor your email marketing campaigns to address those areas.  Reaching your customer base by promoting a sale or educational information, your campaign will be suitable for each objective or situation.

Tracking Email Marketing Results

To ensure your campaign is effective, Digital Marketing Divas will set up tracking through Google Analytics.  Online advertising allows you to track your successes and determine what email marketing campaign works best and impacts our goals.  We want to improve your conversion funnel and learn more about your target audience.

To learn more about our creative email marketing services or other digital marketing options, contact us today!