SEO or PPC or Both??

Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Dollars

We are often asked by our clients which online marketing method is most effective, search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC).  However, the answer isn’t as black and white as it may seem.  We believe digital marketing is most effective when it is multi-faceted and each campaign requires customization based upon factors such as industry, consumer, or geographic location.  One internet marketing method may work better in some industries over another.  Are you promoting a brand, product or service?  The health of your website is also a factor.  For example, a well-developed pay-per-click campaign may suffer if the client’s website is old, not mobile friendly, lacks relevant keywords and/or the ad landing page receives a low-quality score.

An effective internet marketing campaign contains a solid foundation, a well optimized website.  To be well optimized the website must be mobile-friendly, render quickly and contain the optimization search engines require for optimal searchability (SEO).  On-page and off-page search engine optimization is necessary to remain in contention for first page organic search results.  By maintaining a well optimized website you set the ground work for improved organic searches and increased traffic to the website.  However, search engine optimization needs time to cultivate increased exposure.

PPC advertising is the support system in your internet marketing campaign.  PPC increases your brand’s exposure to the internet and promotes conversions.  It allows you to further target your website visitors and reaches beyond the organic limits.  PPC helps you reach consumers who are more likely to convert to a lead, purchase or schedule of service.  Caution…PPC advertising is not for those with a limited budget and the cost per click is driven by geographic area, concentration of competition, and keyword bids/page quality scores.   These factors make PPC advertising unpredictable at times but qualified Digital Marketer can circumvent the fluctuations to maintain steady performance.  PPC is a faster way to reach your market.

In short, PPC advertising will obviously increase conversions & traffic very quickly but when the funds for the PPC campaign run out or reduced, the website exposure on the internet also dwindles.  You then begin relying on your website performance, search engine optimization and other online marketing such as social media to preserve your online presence.   The bottom line… you always fall back on organic presence so start with a solid foundation.

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