Digital Marketing Client Relations - The first step to a successful contract.

Building Digital Marketing Client Relationships

One thing you learn when running a successful digital marketing business (or any business for that matter) is building communicative, quality client relationships.  There are an endless supply of digital marketing firms from all over the world to choose from, some claiming immediate results and honestly…unrealistic promises.  To many of these types of internet marketing firms, you are merely a sales figure to meet their quota.  When you call their business, you are passed from person to person and told the person you need to speak with is unavailable and you never receive a return call.  Even worse, the email you sent a week ago is still unanswered or is returned with a long list of digital marketing jargon you don’t understand.  Then you finally secure a meeting with the appropriate digital marketing firm representative and the rep either cancels or doesn’t show up for the meeting.

We know, these examples appear very unprofessional or unbelievable, like we created them for this blog.  Actually these are real stories we have heard from clients who have sought out our digital marketing services.  They come to us frustrated with the lack of communication they are receiving, the inability to meet with their representatives face-to-face, the digital marketer’s lack of knowledge about their business model, the promises made are not being met and the list goes on.  There is more to digital marketing than the actual internet marketing tasks.  You need to become a part of the client’s marketing team.  You should get acquainted with every aspect of the client’s business and how they want to be represented.  Get to know your client and keep an open line of communication with them…answer their emails, calls and make those meetings count!  How can someone effectively represent a company if they don’t understand their business, their culture, and their goals?

At Digital Marketing Divas, we appreciate the relationships we build with our clients and feel their successes are our successes.  While we are always trying to stay ahead of the internet marketing curve and it’s evolving latest & greatest methods, tools & platforms, we are also maintaining the personalized service our clients deserve and expect.  Value these relationships because without them, our business can not exist.

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