SEO Guarantees

There Are No Guarantees in SEO

When it comes to developing, planning and implementing a search engine optimization campaign, there are no guarantees.  We realize this appears to be a cynical stance, however, it is a realistic one.  So many factors can interfere with results, such as competition share, budget, or Google penalties.  Sometimes the answer lies outside the SEO campaign or other digital marketing services to improve those goals.  Other times it is as simple as correcting the problem.

The online search environment changes daily with new companies joining the ranks, other competitors starting pay-per-click campaigns and publications or large, well-known websites monopolizing top search placement.  One thing to keep in mind is those large competitors allocate large sums of money to their marketing budgets.  A small business will find it difficult to compete with these corporations.  But finding digital marketing success is not impossible, it just needs to be creative.

Signing up for Digital Marketing Divas’ Online Presence-SEO Audit will identify any ranking issues and determine ways to combat your online struggles.  We review your main competitors, backlinks, keywords and so much more.  Your results will be presented in a comprehensive report and recommendations on how to best target your audience.  Make sure your website and business are found online, call DM Diva today!


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